Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tool #6

I created an account for Google Docs and Edmodo. Google docs is a great program. I love the idea of having students collaborate on a project and each student able to log on with their own information. I created a power point project that could be shown at the beginning of school to 5th graders and my teammates and I worked on it together just to see how easy it would be for our students to do the same. OR In addition I started an account in Edmodo. This is a tool I truly plan to use in class this year. It can be used to clarify homework, give Bonus questions, share videos, all while allowing students to enjoy a safe, educational version of "Facebook" which gives the appeal factor students need. With Edmodo students can visit with one another to ask questions and give feedback on assignments, books read, favorite restaurants, etc. They can also have direct links to the teachers blogs, and other important websites. I plan to publish class notes taken in math each day so parents as well as students have a place to see what was taught that day, just as they will in middle school.

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