Wednesday, July 18, 2012

tool #8

This is an excellent resource/ blog provided. I will reference this blog for the list of apps provided and the explanation column of how it can be used in the classroom. The three things I learned in this tool are: the F key shortcuts for helping to find a wireless connection, the blog listed above, and that you need each student to log on to each net book at the start of the year so it doesn't slow you down later. I cant wait to have my net books and iPads in the classroom! I will use them both for researching, but plan to use the i pads as a math center. I will add several math game apps to them including "Who has the biggest brain?" Which is a fun logical thinking game. The net books will be helpful when trying to write up lab reports and create documents and presentations. Both however will be very useful and I wouldn't want one without the other!

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