Wednesday, July 18, 2012

tool #7

The online sharing website I found the easiest to navigate and search through was iEARN I found a really cool project where classrooms from around the world share what the moon looks like on any given night. I think this would add an element of global thinking in our moon unit and would give students a chance to realize how large our world is and allow them to think outside the box as to why someone else would see a different moon phase than us on a given night. It might help enhance the understanding of the moon phases as well. This would be an ongoing project. I would use this project when we study the phases of the moon. The materials needed would be a camera, the internet, and student observation. The iEARN page already has several great links available to the students. This would likely be a month long activity where a few nights a week the students would observe the moon and its phase, and once or twice in that time period log on and view what the moon looks like from somewhere else in the world, as well as share their own observation.

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